Grace Over Guilt

At the end of each month, I use my PowerSheets to reflect on my goals and plan the upcoming four weeks. The monthly review includes the prompt, “I am choosing grace over guilt about . . . ” I’ve always associated the word grace with religion and it normally would not be a part of my vocabulary. Until now. Living, parenting, working and teaching in a pandemic requires A LOT of grace. I looked up the definition. One is “an instance of kindness, courtesy or clemency.

So, what did I choose grace over guilt about when reviewing progress on my goals?

  • It may take me 2 months to finish the 30-Day Yoga Journey.
  • I haven’t been doing the exercises my physical therapist assigned for tendonitis in my elbow.
  • I skipped exercising in January more often that I’m comfortable with (too much doomscrolling).
  • There are some projects I just keep pushing lower on my to do list.

Intentionally giving myself permission to not slay every goal I set for myself reduces the pressure. I set goals to move myself forward. That’s all. For February, I will continue to work on them.

Grace over guilt is also for giving the people in my life the benefit of the doubt. It helps me practice non-judgment. In a time of collective trauma, we are all trying our best even though it may not seem like it. Coaching clients cancelling at the last minute? Grace. Sometimes we need to do what is best for us in the moment. Teenager’s bedroom littered with dirty dishes? Grace (after shutting the door). Girlfriend needs to vent when I am in the middle of something? Grace. She will return the favor. Colleagues mute their video during a meeting? Grace. I trust they are doing what they need to do to get through the day. Students nervous about an assignment? Grace. I will take all the time needed to answer questions. Grad school is hard enough, never mind during a pandemic.

This doesn’t mean I don’t get judgy or grumpy. I most certainly do. My patience gets thin just like everyone else’s. I’ve realized that we all need a little extra kindness right now. We need leniency. We need a presumption of good will. Some days, we slay it like the badasses we are. Other days, we muddle through until we can crawl back under the covers.

One day at a time, my friends.

2 thoughts on “Grace Over Guilt

  1. Thank you for your grace. I fall under one of these categories and you have been very graceful.

    One day, one hour, one minute and even one second at a time. Sometimes grace is needed in the smallest of increments of time.


  2. Kim – I am loving your blog! Your posts are both informative and entertaining, but I have to say, this post is my favorite. I too shall do my best to remind myself of the need for grace. You’ve provided me with some great examples that I can both relate to and replicate. Thank you! 😊


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