Dr. Kim Burns

Reflections on my first year as a coach & consultant

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It’s my anniversary! On September 3, 2021, I wrote in my journal that it was the first day of the rest of my life. My friends treated me to mimosas and breakfast. It was time to officially launch my new life as a full-time coach and consultant. This was the official transition from full-time employee […]

Celebrating International Coaching Week with Coaching Tools: The Career Wheel

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Today’s tool is the Career Wheel. Similar to the Wheel of Life, it encourages reflection on different aspects of your career and asks you to assign a satisfaction score. The wheel addresses mission & purpose, sense of belonging, physical environment, autonomy, salary & benefits, professional growth, commute and opportunity to use skills and strengths. These […]

It’s International Coaching Week!

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International Coaching Week is a celebration of professional coaching. According to the International Coaching Federation, it was launched in 1999 and aims to educate the public about the value of working with a professional coach. It also acknowledges the results and progress made through the coaching process. This year’s theme is Reimagining the Future. If […]

The Benefits of Reflection

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After working remotely since March 2020, Juniper Networks recently welcomed 600 employees back to their Westford office to begin a hybrid work schedule. I had the privilege of contributing to their Welcome Back Week activities with a Welcome Back Walk. The purpose of the walk was to reflect on the experience of working from home, […]

Brave & Bold Leadership Group Coaching Program

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At one point while working from home at the height of the pandemic, I had an overflowing inbox, and a long task list, and for some reason every member of my family was in my home office needing something from me (including the dog). It was just too much. I was taking care of everyone […]

The Struggle Is Real

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Women everywhere are struggling. You may have heard of the women in Boston who gathered for a collective primal scream. I get it. This sucks. Women faced gender-based barriers at work before the pandemic. Now, everything is just so much more difficult. I have such deep empathy for all women, especially for moms of young […]

Are you working towards the right goals?

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Raise your hand if you have ever advised a student who was in a major because their parents told them it would lead to a good living, but their heart was somewhere else. Or, have you stayed in a job that you were miserable in because the salary and benefits were good? Sometimes our ambitions […]

Nurture Your Inner and Outer Beauty Mini-Retreat

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In February, I partnered with Beauty Consultant Liz Sullivan and HeartSong Teacher and performing artist Kathleen McDonald to offer a Saturday morning retreat for women who need some “me” time. I knew I had found my calling because I could not stop smiling. Like, my face hurt I was smiling so much. Being in the […]