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It’s Day #2 of International Coaching Week!

Today I want to share a tool that is often used at the beginning of a coaching engagement, the Wheel of Life. This tool asks you to reflect on different aspects of your life and assign a satisfaction score. When you are ready to engage with the tool, find a quiet place free of distractions where you can think and reflect for 20-30 minutes (I recognize this might be the most difficult part of the exercise.) The wheel addresses career, relationships, community, personal growth, finances, health, fun and recreation. These areas are just suggestions; if there are areas of your life you want to focus on add those in. This is your life you are assessing, so you do you. When assigning a satisfaction score, go with your gut. Your first instinct is usually your best one. The purpose of the score is to identify where you may want to focus some attention. Where are you yearning for changes or support?

For instance, it can be very healthy to assess your relationships. Who fills your cup? Whose presence drains your energy? Where are the gaps that would help you be your authentic self? Once you pinpoint areas for improvement, you can begin to think about steps to get you closer to your desired outcome. For instance, what is one thing you can do tomorrow that might make a difference in this area? What is a short term goal for this area? What could be a long term goal to work towards?

I would be absolutely delighted if you shared with me your reflections from the Wheel of Life. Email me at drkimburns@gmail.com or connect with me on LinkedIn.

Tomorrow’s tool will be a similar tool focused on your career. See you then!

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