It’s been a year. As I wrote in a post last year, I stood in the doorway to my office and I knew in my bones that it would be a long time until I would return. Here I am, writing this from home where I currently spend most of my time.

As we recognize the tremendous losses of the past year since COVID-19 was declared a pandemic, I thought I would offer what I’ve learned since then. 

  • While higher education can be slow to innovate, my colleagues and I successfully created a start-up vibe last March as we helped our organization pivot to remote work. As a few of my co-workers have said recently, we can no longer say something can’t be done. 
  • Dogs on Instagram can bring tremendous joy. 
  • Quality sleep + regular exercise + eating healthily = weight loss (who knew?)
  • Golf is fun. 
  • Actively working for democracy brings results. 
  • Government matters. 
  • Creating a culture of care in the workplace isn’t hard to do and makes a difference for employees. 
  • Dogs benefitted the most from us working from home. 
  • For many, a worldwide public health crisis fosters reflection on personal values and priorities. 
  • Birds at our feeders bring me joy. 
  • New neighborhood puppies bring me joy. 
  • Working from home requires intentional routines and boundaries. 
  • Teenagers are not wired for 100% online schooling (at least mine aren’t). 
  • Tremendous creativity can be nurtured when there is time to reflect. 
  • Chocolate heals most ailments (ok, I already knew that)
  • Pants with buttons are not necessary. 
  • Yoga, deep breathing, journaling, meditation and connection are essential tools to dealing with collective trauma.
  • Bingeing good shows provide escape. 
  • Friends are priceless. 
  • We are resilient.
  • We can do hard things.

Inspired by Pluto the Canadian schnauzer.

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