Dr. Kim Burns

Pandemic Reflection

a higher ed candle in pandemic

It’s been a year. As I wrote in a post last year, I stood in the doorway to my office and I knew in my bones that it would be a long time until I would return. Here I am, writing this from home where I currently spend most of my time. As we recognize […]

Goal Setting in a Pandemic

connecting online with higher ed admin

My last post was about a few of my favorite productivity tools. I love that stuff. I read books about productivity. I follow the topic on social media. I listen to podcasts. I tinker with apps. I’m always trying to learn new ways to streamline my habits. That is just the nerd that I am.  […]

Golf is fun!

golf carts for higher ed leadership and admin

I am a new golfer. Not technically. I had a few lessons and played in a couple of father-daughter tournaments in my 20s. The last few years I fantasized about weekends free of youth sports that would allow me the time to pursue golf. It seemed like something that wouldn’t happen for many years into […]