Dr. Kim Burns

I am in the fortunate position of having people in my life who regularly tell me I am wonderful. If you have any of these humans in your life, hang onto them tightly. Sometimes when I’m told this, I ask for specifics. It is helpful to know how my words and actions impact people. 

The world seems small right now. I attended a fantastic conference this week with really smart community college practitioners from around the country. But I didn’t leave my house. I was sitting in the same chair I sit in every day. I felt the loss of not being in the same physical space with these people who I learn so much from. 

So hearing that I’m wonderful makes me feel good. It gives me hope for the future when the world won’t feel so small and we can sprinkle our wonderfulness in person and not on Zoom. 

I make an effort to recognize people’s strengths, tell them they are doing good work and that they matter. I am genuine when I say these things. It’s nice to be on the receiving end of such positivity; knowing these words make a difference. 

Go ahead, tell someone they are wonderful.

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