New Beginnings

Since last Wednesday afternoon I have: Incessantly doomscrolled Twitter Abandoned my exercise routine Ditched my yoga challenge Abandoned my promise to go to bed early Had trouble focusing Binged chocolate Tomorrow is a new day, dearies.

Pandemic Holidays

Holidays were different this year. For the first time ever, we celebrated Thanksgiving and Christmas with just the four of us. We were without the rituals and traditions that provide structure and set expectations for how we celebrate holidays as a family. I was determined to maintain some of our holiday traditions and create newContinue reading “Pandemic Holidays”

Golf is fun!

I am a new golfer. Not technically. I had a few lessons and played in a couple of father-daughter tournaments in my 20s. The last few years I fantasized about weekends free of youth sports that would allow me the time to pursue golf. It seemed like something that wouldn’t happen for many years intoContinue reading “Golf is fun!”

Hi! I’m Kim.

I’m starting a blog. Obviously. You are here reading it! Since the world shut down in March due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I’ve begun journaling every morning. Inspired by Julia Cameron’s idea of morning pages, I write three pages about whatever is on my mind before I get out of bed. I’ve decided that someContinue reading “Hi! I’m Kim.”

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