Productivity Tools

I facilitated a productivity workshop for a lovely group of staff last week. As I was preparing, it was fun to revisit some of my favorite productivity tools. These include the Eisenhower Matrix, three most important things, Post-it notes, and time blocking. I will describe them for you. If you’ve attended a workshop on goalsetting,Continue reading “Productivity Tools”


In late December, I committed myself to Breath: A 30-day Yoga Journey with Yoga by Adrienne. I started strong on January 2 and completed 4 days in a row. Then 2021 tried to outdo its 2020 cousin, and I took a hiatus to digest the national news and eat ice cream. Now I am backContinue reading “Breath”

New Beginnings

Since last Wednesday afternoon I have: Incessantly doomscrolled Twitter Abandoned my exercise routine Ditched my yoga challenge Abandoned my promise to go to bed early Had trouble focusing Binged chocolate Tomorrow is a new day, dearies.


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