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Wheel Of Life

Reflect on each area of the Wheel of Life. Assign a score from 1-10 regarding how satisfied you are. Use the blank space to rate an additional area of your life that is meaningful to you.

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Values List

Highlight all of the values that resonate. Narrow your values down to 3-5 that are at the core of your belief system. Our core values usually remain consistent throughout our lifetime.

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Career Wheel

The Career Wheel includes factors that typically contribute to employee engagement. If a factor that is important to you is missing, add another slice of the wheel. Reflect on each area. Assign a satisfaction score from 1-10.

career clarity worksheet

Eisenhower Matrix

Not all tasks are the same! Use this grid to determine where the items on your to do list fall in terms of priority

Eisenhower Matrix Higher Ed Coaching Worksheet

Goals Wheel

Reflect on each area of the wheel. Use the blank area for a category meaningful to you. Assign a score from 1-10 regarding how satisfied you are.

Higher Ed Goals Wheel Worksheet

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Everyday Acts of Resistance

Resistance against gender inequality and promoting equity don’t have to be big gestures.

Published May 16, 2022
Kim Burns Higher Ed Consulting

5.5 Coaching Women in Higher Ed with Kim Burns

In this week’s episode, guest expert, Kim Burns,  joins us to talk about her leadership work at community colleges, her work coaching women in higher ed and what prompted her to become an independent coach and consultant.

Published June 2, 2022
Academic Higher Ed Consulting

Starting 2022 with Intention – Tips Episode

In this episode, host Rebecca Pope-Ruark recruited 5 coaching friends to share their thoughts of starting off the new year win intention.

Published January 22, 2022

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