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Right now, I wouldn’t call myself an athlete.

Between Halloween and Easter, I’m more of a chocolate and cookie fan. During this current COVID spike, my anxiety is quelled with sugar.

I’ve had athletic periods in my life, for sure

I played sports in high school. I’ve done boot camps with friends. I joined Curves to lose the baby weight. I owned a mountain bike and rode over rocks and tree roots with speed. I even had a rock climbing phase. Currently, though, my athletic pursuits are much tamer. They include walking, yoga, riding my bike (with its giant, cushy seat and wicker basket on the handles), golf, and cross-country skiing.

Note that my current athletic activities are all outside

I find exercising inside terribly boring. Yoga with Adrienne is fine – she is encouraging and real (I highly recommend her January Yoga Journey: Move). I have been trying to use an elliptical machine for more than a year, but even watching Schitt’s Creek on my phone doesn’t inspire me to stay on it for more than 15 minutes (ok, I’m exaggerating. I usually stay on for 12 and then I’m done).

Last week, this thing happened where we now own a Peloton bike.

I have mixed feelings about this. I would much rather take a nap than exercise. I would also like to lose weight, feel stronger, and be more fit. Unfortunately, these two opposites of desire don’t fit well together. I’m waiting for a millennial to invent an exercise machine you can sleep on. Maybe the Peloton’s mere presence in our home will produce weight loss karma. It’s possible, right?

Photo of a stationary bike
Shiny and new

On the day it arrived, I did a 20-minute introductory beginner ride. I was leery. Not a single instructor looks a day over thirty. They have annoying, toned muscles and cheery dispositions. Ugh. I expected to be highly annoyed. I was pleasantly surprised by the instructor, Robin, who kept my attention. She referred to me as an athlete and told me motivational things like my whisper would become a roar and to wear my crown proudly. And, I think I outperformed dadbod432. Excellent!

I’m intrigued by the functions of the app that have the potential to keep me accountable. It’s right in the kitchen, so there is no excuse to avoid using it. It’s efficient, with workouts of 20 and 30 minutes. They provide trackable data, great music, and encouraging instructors. It might just drive me away from cookies and naps a few times a week, at least.

Are you exercising regularly? How do you motivate yourself to exercise? Tell me your tricks – please!!!

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Take care of yourself, friends.

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