Celebrating International Coaching Week with Coaching Tools: Goals Tool

Spring is a great time to reflect on your goals and plan for the second half of the calendar year. If you work in education, it’s a great time to reflect on the past academic year, sets goals for next year, and plan for rest and renewal over the summer. The Goals Tool can get […]

Celebrating International Coaching Week with Coaching Tools: The Career Wheel

Today’s tool is the Career Wheel. Similar to the Wheel of Life, it encourages reflection on different aspects of your career and asks you to assign a satisfaction score. The wheel addresses mission & purpose, sense of belonging, physical environment, autonomy, salary & benefits, professional growth, commute and opportunity to use skills and strengths. These […]

It’s International Coaching Week!

International Coaching Week is a celebration of professional coaching. According to the International Coaching Federation, it was launched in 1999 and aims to educate the public about the value of working with a professional coach. It also acknowledges the results and progress made through the coaching process. This year’s theme is Reimagining the Future. If […]

The Benefits of Reflection

After working remotely since March 2020, Juniper Networks recently welcomed 600 employees back to their Westford office to begin a hybrid work schedule. I had the privilege of contributing to their welcome back week activities with a Welcome Back Walk. The purpose of the walk was to reflect on the experience of working from home, […]

How I Use Laundry as a Parenting Tool

I wrote this for my March newsletter and received such positive feedback that I thought I would share it here. What I say: Happy 15th Birthday! You are now responsible for your own laundry.What I mean: My responsibility as your parent is to teach you how to be a productive member of society. Adulting is […]

Six Book Recommendations for College Administrators

Here in New England we still have several weeks of cold weather and plenty of opportunities to snuggle up with a book, a cup of tea and a warm blanket. If you are looking for a work-related read, I recommend the following selections for their relevance to our current times. Colleges are experiencing high turnover […]

Brave & Bold Leadership Group Coaching Program

At one point while working from home at the height of the pandemic, I had an overflowing inbox, a long task list, and for some reason every member of my family was in my home office needing something from me (including the dog). It was just too much. I was taking care of everyone else […]

Enhance your leadership with journaling

I used to co-facilitate a leadership development program for employees interested in professional growth. Before the program began, we gave participants a journal and asked them to read a Harvard Business Review article Want to Be an Outstanding Leader? Keep a Journal. Research demonstrates the power of journaling to level up your leadership. Great leaders […]