Dr. Kim Burns

What if we summered like Europeans?

vacationing for higher ed admin

I saw this meme recently and it got me thinking about how relentless we are when it comes to work. I just returned from a week of local travel. I know I will be a more creative and productive employee when I return to work because I took time off. My brain and my body […]

Changing Summer Traditions

summer field in higher education

I’m back. The spring semester kicked my ass. I’m finally feeling human again. I love the summer. It is my favorite season. The pace is slower. We spend more time outside and more time with friends and family. Now that I’m fully vaccinated, I am eager to return to our favorite summer activities and be […]

Golf is fun!

golf carts for higher ed leadership and admin

I am a new golfer. Not technically. I had a few lessons and played in a couple of father-daughter tournaments in my 20s. The last few years I fantasized about weekends free of youth sports that would allow me the time to pursue golf. It seemed like something that wouldn’t happen for many years into […]