Dr. Kim Burns

I’m back. The spring semester kicked my ass. I’m finally feeling human again.

I love the summer. It is my favorite season. The pace is slower. We spend more time outside and more time with friends and family. Now that I’m fully vaccinated, I am eager to return to our favorite summer activities and be more social (although I do want to create some balance of the solitude that I’ve enjoyed during the past year).

My sons are growing up and our summer traditions are changing.

Recently, my husband and I were out to dinner with our younger son (who drove us!) and it got me thinking about our end-of-the-school-year tradition. When our boys were little, we would go out to dinner once school was out. The boys got to choose the restaurant.

During dinner, I would make a list of the things we wanted to do before summer ended. My list always included the beach. The boys’ lists would change each year, reflecting their current interests. After dinner, we would go to Barnes and Noble to get their summer reading books.

At our recent dinner, I pulled out a piece of paper and pen and we made a list. Admittedly, I’m always more excited to make the lists than my family members.

Here’s mine:

  • Read 7 books
  • Coach 10 hours
  • Go to Crane Beach five times
  • Grow tomatoes & basil
  • Bake
  • Watch fireworks
  • Eat in restaurants
  • Improve my golf game
  • Canoe & ride bikes
  • Clean a room in the attic & a room in the basement
  • Enjoy sitting in our new rocking chairs on our deck (wow, that makes me sound old!)
  • Have a personal planning retreat

I’m appreciative of the science that led to the vaccine, which will allow many of us to enjoy the summer.

What is on your summer list?

What are your summer traditions?

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