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Have you ever seen a child reading a book at a party? I love that kid.

When I see them, I smile and look at them enviously. They are doing something that isn’t considered acceptable for adults to do – reading amidst a group of people being social.

I have a book problem

I like to buy books. I buy more books than I can read. I have 146 unread books on my bookshelves. I have 17 unread books on my Kindle. I have 597 books on my Goodreads Want to Read list. I like to give people books. I like to talk about books. I am in two book clubs. I wish I could read all the books.

So what’s an introverted book nerd to do?

Open an online bookshop! How cool is that? It’s not exactly the same as wandering the aisles of a brick-and-mortar store, and you will have to provide your coffee or tea, but it’s close!

Bookshop.org is a bookstore with a mission to financially support independent bookstores and their communities. Independent bookstores are more than booksellers. They are local businesses that provide a sense of community, a place to convene, and a sense of hope. They contribute to the resilience of communities.

Bookshop.org doesn’t offer the lowest prices or same-day shipping

What they do offer is an alternative that supports the places where we live and work. You can use their bookstore locator to find your favorite independent bookstore.

As a book advocate, I earn 10% of sales through my affiliate link. Independent bookstores also get 10% of your purchase.

By purchasing your books through my affiliate link, you are joining me in a social justice & equity-focused mission of helping women and people of color build their confidence and impact on the world, especially those working in education.

My mission is to support women and people of color to build confidence to be their badass selves, especially at work. Your support helps me do that.

I have curated a list of books that I mention in my blog posts and newsletters. You can also purchase any book that is sold by Bookshop.org through my affiliate link.

I just finished Good Eggs by Rebecca Hardiman, which is my book club’s pick for this month. It was an engaging story about an imperfect family in Dublin. I’m also reading This is Marketing by Seth Godin.

What are you reading? Follow me on Goodreads, email me at drkimburns@gmail.com, or connect with me on Instagram at @drkimburns.

You can also sign up for my newsletter, Some Things to Think About. I will host a discussion of the book Trust Yourself by Melody Wilding on November 10 at 7:30 pm.

Please register if you are interested in joining.

Happy reading!

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