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My colleague and thought partner Kelly Josephson uses this phrase to describe her approach to planning. When we co-facilitate meetings and planning sessions, it’s how we operate because we plan the event in excruciating detail, which then allows us to pivot if needed.

It’s not intuitive that planning tightly provides us with freedom and flexibility, but it so does. Having a solid plan means we did our homework and are prepared for anything. Then, when the unexpected happens we know where we can shift things and where the flexibility is in our agenda.

Overplanning is one of my superpowers

When it comes to my personal and professional goals, my annual planning process starts in September rather than January. I have followed an academic calendar for most of my life and, for me, September is a time of new beginnings. It used to be new notebooks, pencils & school clothes that got me excited. Now it is new goals and reflections (ok, I may still get excited about new notebooks!).

For the past year, I have been using Powersheets and it has been amazing in how it has helped me articulate and monitor my goals. In August 2020, I used it to articulate my annual goals for my coaching practice (among other goals such as self-care and staying connected with those I love during a pandemic) and every month I used a tending list to break the goals down into small, manageable pieces and monitor them as the month went on.

Checking things off my list provides me with tremendous satisfaction and I got to do that every month as I slowly cultivated my vision. And, in those months when things got too hectic to accomplish what I had set out for the month, I knew I could give myself some grace and move items to the next month.

Just like planning tight and hanging loose when facilitating, planning tight for the month ahead allows me to know where I have wiggle room in carrying out the tasks that will help me reach my annual goals.

2021 & 2020 Powersheets

I am fortunate to also be in spaces where I get support for achieving my goals, especially around my coaching practice. Katie Linder’s coach training and Prolific online community provide formal and informal opportunities to get feedback and inspiration from other coaches. Working towards challenging goals in the company of like-minded colleagues makes the hill easier to climb.

I’m excited to offer two new opportunities for you to plan your goals with the company of like-minded colleagues

For the rest of 2021, I will offer a monthly Power Hour on the last Sunday of each month to set your goals with intention and confidence. I will lead the small group through individual reflection with prompts and discussion about how we can align how we spend our time with our values and our purpose. You can schedule important items directly into your calendar and design space for recharging.

Interested in joining me to intentionally plan your goals? Register here.

If you live in New England and are free on the morning of Saturday, October 2, join me for a Goals Walk! Our small group will gather at a park in Nashua, New Hampshire, and spend a beautiful fall morning with quiet reflection and discussions about what we learned in 2021 and how we want to shape our goals in 2022.

I’m so excited (and, I’ll admit, a little nervous) to offer these events

My goal is to help people intentionally bring joy and meaning to our lives. Saying what we want out loud, writing it down, talking about it in a safe space, and having accountability partners can help us all achieve our dreams.

I would love to hear about how 2021 is going for you and what your hopes are for 2022.

Email me at drkimburns@gmail.com or connect with me on Instagram at @drkimburns.

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Have a great week!

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