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How was your 2022? Reflecting back on your year has many benefits. Thinking about the past year’s ups and downs, achievements and challenges, joys and sorrows can help you make decisions about the year ahead. Taking the time to reflect on the past year helps us think about what serves us, what doesn’t, and what changes are needed. Reflection also helps us learn about ourselves. In the moment, it’s hard to see how we are changing and growing.

In my Badass Leaders in Higher Ed Community, this month we are reflecting on 2022. Here are some questions we are considering at this months’ online gathering:

  1. What is a word, phrase or image that describes your year?
  2. When you think about the past year, who or what are you grateful for?
  3. What did you celebrate this past year?
  4. What are you proud of from this past year?
  5. What is a goal that you made progress on this past year?
  6. What challenges did you overcome this past year?
  7. What is something that you didn’t do this past year that you might want to focus on next year?
  8. What are you choosing grace over guilt about? Instead of beating yourself up, what grace can you give yourself?
  9. Where or when did you show up for yourself this year?
  10. Where were you five years ago and where are you now?
  11. What do you want to bring forward into 2023?
  12. What are the lessons learned from reflecting on the past year?

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